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A Breakthrough in

Trade Promotion Management

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Promomash made its mark by bringing efficiency, accountability, performance management and increased profitability to the world of in-store demos, brand activations and field events. Now, we’re solving a similar - but more critical - challenge for trade promotion management.

7 out of 10 of your trade promotions are not profitable...

It’s difficult to grow ROI by analyzing a bunch of data after-the-fact. To affect every deal, your field team needs to see relevant data right then and there, in real time.

...we'll help you change that.

The Solution

We take this...

...and turn it into this.

Real-time visibility into TP spend

Budget reporting empowers salespeople to make better deals and better use of their TP budgets and provides executives unprecedented real-time visibility into progress against budget. 

More accountability, less errors

Promomash TPM connects and streamlines the work of everyone in the TP process, virtually eliminating errors.

Reduce noise, increase effectiveness

Sales, marketing and other key users have a customized portal that shows only what they need to see to perform their jobs effectively.

Calculate and manage ROI

For the first time ever, management will be able to measure and manage the field team for increased productivity and ROI on trade spend.

Align sales and marketing

The transparency and communication between sales and marketing promotes effective coordination and further leverages trade spend.


What would it be like if you could increase the productivity of your sales and marketing teams by 10%... 20%... or more?

If not now, when?

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